Virtual Tour

Wichita, KS

Fabrication Center

This site, in conjunction with our other fabrication locations, is where many of our major welding projects are completed. These sites are responsible for the fabrication of the framing system of our buildings. They also fabricate windows, doors, and other fixtures. This highly secure site is ITAR-compliant and ISO 9001 certified. There are several quality inspections that occur onsite.  

Wichita Fabrication Center
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This virtual tour will walk you through the areas of our facility that you would see in an onsite tour.
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ISO 9001 : 2015


  • EMT, IMC, rigid conduit, panduit, wiremold methods
  • Classified locations
  • Gas detection systems
  • Master's and Journeyman's license


  • Wall mount, pad mount, roof mount, mini-split systems, exhaust systems
  • Classified locations
  • Journeyman's license


  • Pex, copper, PVC, cast iron, acid pipe
  • Lab areas/acid waste
  • Master's license



  • Rock Wool (R-Value based on application)
  • Poly Iso/Mule Hide (R-Value 6.5/inch)
  • Blow In/JM Climate Pro (R-Value 11 to 70)
  • Spray Foam/JM Cor Bond 3 (R-Value 7/inch)


  • OSB
  • Apitong
  • Coosa
  • Epoxy
  • VCT tile, porcelain & ceramic tile,  sticky-back tile