Safe Spaces, Ready to Go

When you need space and safety, but you want it fast, some choices are a no-brainer. With our 12’x40′ RediSuites, we now offer eight standard options that our customers have frequently asked for, in extra tall 11′ heights. Engineered to RedGuard’s industry-leading safety specifications, these ready-to-go blast resistant buildings adhere to API 752/753 with an 8 psi/200 ms rating and they meet the criteria for a medium response rating by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

RediSuite // Configurations

12′ Floor Plans

RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮RL
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮RK
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮SR
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮SK
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮SW
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮DO
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮SO
RediSuite Uniplex 12⋮OP

24′ Floor Plans

RediSuite Uniplex 24⋮RKO
RediSuite Uniplex 24⋮OP

36′ Floor Plans

RediSuite Uniplex 36⋮RKO
RediSuite Uniplex 36⋮OP

48′ Floor Plans

RediSuite Uniplex 48⋮RKO
RediSuite Uniplex 48⋮OP

each Building Comes Fully Equipped With:

  • Redundant placement of steel floor, wall and ceiling members covered with 10-gauge steel panels
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Two steel-reinforced doors
  • ISO lift and tie down points at each corner
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic walls
  • Vinyl, non-slip flooring tiles
  • LED lighting
  • One 3” port for communication services, one 2½” port for electrical
  • Standard Cat6 wiring with RJ45 outlets for phone or data
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • One wall-mounted HVAC unit
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • ABC fire extinguishers
  • Exit signs with emergency lighting
  • Exterior coating of red polyurea

RediSuite // Features