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On-Site Services for Blast-Resistant Buildings

Field Service

When you purchase or lease a blast-resistant building, from RedGuard or anywhere, you want the peace of mind that your investment is supported by a committed field service team. The RedGuard Service Team provides timely, personal and dependable service, even if the building isn’t one of ours. When we service a blast-resistant building, keeping your unique operation on schedule is our goal.

With two remote service yards, our technicians perform your larger job-specific modifications and ‘special-to-type requests’. We will speedily accommodate your requirements, and ship them in a short timeframe.

To give you the best localized support, we have a program that appoints partners in strategic geographical locations to support our field team during the peaks that sometimes happen day-to-day,  as well as unexpected surges. These partners are trained and supported by RedGuard and have direct access to the key technical experts and decision makers to ensure that you have a consistent level of service.

All of our field team and yard teams are factory trained on the construction and technical aspects of blast-resistant buildings, as well as having many certified tradesmen. The field team enables us to respond quickly to your requests and ensure a high first-time fix rate to ensure you meet your deadlines.

Technology plays a vital role on our service team to ensure every customer request is logged, managed and dispatched seamlessly.

Each field technician is connected to the RedGuard service system and receives instant updates to workload, priorities and spares availability. Our goal is to ensure that you get a safe and speedy resolution.

RedGuard tracks all failures and resolutions so that we can give fast, comprehensive feedback to our engineering and quality departments. This allows continuous improvement of products and service capability.

Service Agreements For Blast-Resistant Buildings

Every SafetySuite, LeaseFleet, VersaBilt and CoverSix building purchased from RedGuard comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from top-to-bottom, and end-to-end. These quality buildings are built to withstand the immediate impact of a blast and the long-term impact of time.

To maximize the life of the building, the safety of the occupants, and the daily functionality of all components, we strongly suggest a RedGuard Service Agreement to extend the life of the building for many years to come. We can even offer service agreements on buildings that we didn't build. 


To reduce unplanned costs and lower the costs associated with repairing your building we offer RedGuard Service Agreements. These are comprehensive and ensure that your buildings are kept at peak operating performance with minimum downtime for your employees and contractors by quickly and efficiently providing solutions to your problems. Unplanned, high-cost maintenance events are eliminated. Additionally, you'll get convenience and reduced administrative burden by transferring the workload and responsibility fully to RedGuard.

With a RedGuard Service Agreement no time is lost obtaining quotes or purchase orders – everything (except customer-induced repairs) is covered – so the building is back up and running quickly.


The RedGuard Service Agreement helps in budgeting – you already know what you will spend to maintain the building, so there are no nasty surprises. It also inflation-proofs your building, regardless of any increases in the price of labor or materials. You pay one price for the duration of the agreement. A RedGuard Field Service Technician can be on call for repairs as many times as required at no further cost to you.

Service Agreements

We'll Service Any BRB or BRM

RedGuard Service Agreements are not limited to just RedGuard buildings. RedGuard is also willing and ready to service any and all blast-resistant buildings or modules at your facility. RedGuard’s experience with a diverse customer base has shown us that our customers’ service requirements vary considerably. With our flexible approach to customer service, starting from the date of installation through the life of the building, we have a RedGuard Service Agreement that will meet your needs.

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