Lease-ready blast-resistant buildings

With the largest lease-ready BRB fleet of its kind in North America, you’ll find quick, proven protection that’s guaranteed to meet the needs of virtually any project—no matter how big. LeaseFleet has nearly 1,200 buildings and growing, providing you safety in numbers with a level of customer service that can’t be found anywhere else.


Customized blast-resistant buildings

When your needs for safe structures are complex, RedGuard has a premier line of fully customized blast-resistant structures. These provide the peace of mind and uncompromised comfort necessary to get the job done. Backed by the industry’s only successfully tested, blast-resistant design and virtually unlimited manufacturing capabilities, a SafetySuite BRB is a durable, comfortable and reliable environment, unrivaled by the competition.


Pre-engineered blast-resistant buildings

To avoid custom project delays and save weeks in design and production time, RediSuite is the industry’s first standardized, suite-quality blast-resistant buildings. With top tier quality and safety, these pre-engineered modular buildings come in popular multi-functional layouts. Like all of RedGuard’s blast-resistant buildings, RediSuite increases efficiency and saves lives on-site.


Rugged, modular, customizable buildings

Innovative modular structures designed to meet the changing needs of fast-growing organizations. Built upon an all-steel frame, these structures are not only dramatically stronger and longer lasting than traditional wood frame buildings, they can be easily modified to grow with your organization. All VersaBilt structures are built in RedGuard's production facility to virtually eliminate disruptions and liabilities on your site.


Hardened structures for defense and security

The ultimate solution to keep personnel, equipment, and electronics safe and secure. CoverSix provides government and military customers with a wide variety of structures for protection and security at any threat level. These structures feature threat mitigation such as blast resistance, ballistic resistance and/or storm protection, as well as custom-outfitted ISO containers to be used as portable storage facilities and mobile office locations.


Portable storage and onsite modular offices

As the go-to storage solution for companies throughout Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, SiteBox Storage offers you the most responsive and reliable customer service to help you become more productive, organized and better protected, in the shortest timeframe imaginable. SiteBox Storage has unmatched logistics and one of the region’s largest fleets of portable storage units and onsite offices.


Offshore solutions and technical buildings

Armoda addresses the demand in the Western hemisphere’s oil and gas industry for onshore and offshore modular buildings, technical buildings and accommodation modules, as well as service, maintenance, and parts.