Now You Know About Us, Read Our Take on Blast-resistant Buildings


At RedGuard, you’ll never hear us say, “think outside the box,” because for us, it’s what’s inside that matters most. It’s with that in mind that we come to work each and every day focused on one thing—saving lives.

Our peace of mind comes in knowing that our products and services are exceptional. As an industry leader in blast resistance, we design and build structures that protect people who work in hazardous areas; our services help companies recognize and mitigate potential hazards. Our team is made up of professionals, subject matter experts in blast resistant structures.

Founded in 1998 as A Box 4 U, we continue to set the bar in the design and creation of the most functional, durable, reliable and overall best blast-resistant buildings on the market. All our buildings apply a proven, successfully blast-tested design to ensure that our products not only meet expectations but exceed them. Because at RedGuard, we believe that whenever there’s a life at stake, good just isn’t good enough.

The same holds true for our dedication to our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet virtually any need and provide unrivaled hands-on personal service from design to delivery.

We Are RedGuard

RedGuard History


Company founded by Jeff Lange as a traditional portable storage provider.


Began renting portable office units to refinery customers.


Texas Refinery explosion kills 15 refinery employees.

Developed first blast-resistant portable building with the help of Ali Sari.


Signed multi-year agreement to supply blast-resistant units to Conoco Phillips.


Began blast-resistant building fleet expansion.

Formed strategic partnership to expand LeaseFleet customer base.


Sold first viewing bunker to the U.S. Government (Army).

Sold first international units (Saudi Arabia).


Completed third-party ballistic testing.

Leased first multi-section.

Supplied 138 buildings to single refinery location.


Built first from-scratch buildings, instead of from container conversions.

Offered first custom options; QuadPods and Control Rooms.

Sold first ballistic unit overseas (Korea).


Sold first 120'x40' multi-section office.


Entered Canadian market.


Delivered first SafetySuite branded building.

Became NSSA certified.

Opened first production facility (Wichita, KS).

Acquired BC&R Storage (Lawrence, KS) –  expanded fleet to 1,000+ units.

Expanded Canadian fleet.


ABox4U rebranded to RedGuard with divisions LeaseFleet, SafetySuite, CoverSix Shelters and SiteBox Storage.

Opened second production facility (Halstead, KS).

Opened Oklahoma City and Houston portable storage locations.

Expanded LeaseFleet to 1,000+ units.

Added VersaBilt (robust, non-blast building) to RedGuard divisions.


Opened Dallas portable storage location.

Adopted company-wide SafeStart program.


Added RediSuite (standard configuration buildings) to RedGuard divisions.

Formed Specialist Services RedGuard (North and South America) and RedGuard Specialist Services (Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia) joint ventures.

Became HATS (Hardened Alternative Trailer System) licensee.


Opened New Iberia service yard location.


Earned ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Global Footprint

RedGuard Global Footprint