Lease-Ready Blast-Resistant Buildings

Proven Blast-Resistant Buildings

No matter how many you need, how big you need them to be, or what you need them to do, chances are our LeaseFleet has the blast-resistant buildings you need to increase efficiency and save lives.

These resilient structures are offered in 8' and 12' widths and a variety of lengths. Our successfully tested blast-resistant buildings can be configured to create virtually any structure you can imagine. Plus, all LeaseFleet buildings adhere to API 752/753 and meet the criteria for a low or medium response rating (low or medium damage) by the American Society of Civil Engineers to provide proven protection and increased peace of mind.

NEED TO GO EVEN BIGGER? We can combine our multi-section modules to create a superstructure as big as your site can handle.

PLAN AHEAD. While we’re proud to feature the world’s largest fleet of blast-resistant buildings and multiple, strategically placed, distribution centers across North America, it is still important to get us involved in your planning process as soon as possible. By doing so, we can not only ensure you get the buildings you need but that we can get them to you in the most economically efficient way possible.

Fully Equipped

  • Ribcage structure
  • Redundant placement of wall and ceiling members, covered with 10-gauge steel panels
  • Steel-reinforced doors
  • ISO lift and tie down points at each corner
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) walls
  • Insulation throughout
  • Vinyl, non-slip flooring tiles
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Cat5 or Cat6 wiring with RJ45 outlets for phone or data
  • Wall-mounted HVAC units
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Exit signs with emergency lighting
  • Exterior paint with polyurea coating

LED exterior lighting

Industrial Polyvinyl Tile

Exterior Paint with Polyurea Coating

Electrical Outlets and Communication Jacks

Wall-Mounted HVAC Units

No-Crane Delivery

Ribcage Structure

Steel-Reinforced Doors