Virtual Tour

Baytown, TX

Distribution & Service Center

This state-of-the-art, new facility is in the heart of the Gulf’s industry and customer base, which allows for rapid response for service and products. It is a hub for our truck fleet and is where lease-ready modules from both RedGuard and Specialist Services RedGuard are stored and maintained.

Baytown Service Center
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This virtual tour will walk you through the areas of our facility that you would see in an onsite tour.
  • Use the navigation in the bottom left corner to change perspective, or to autoplay the tour.
  • Or, to navigate manually, click on the circles on the floor to move about.
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ISO 9001 : 2015


  • EMT, IMC, rigid conduit, panduit, wiremold methods
  • Classified locations
  • Gas detection systems
  • Master's and Journeyman's license


  • Wall mount, pad mount, roof mount, mini-split systems, exhaust systems
  • Classified locations
  • Journeyman's license


  • Pex, copper, PVC, cast iron, acid pipe
  • Lab areas/acid waste
  • Master's license



  • Rock Wool (R-Value based on application)
  • Poly Iso/Mule Hide (R-Value 6.5/inch)
  • Blow In/JM Climate Pro (R-Value 11 to 70)
  • Spray Foam/JM Cor Bond 3 (R-Value 7/inch)


  • OSB
  • Apitong
  • Coosa
  • Epoxy
  • VCT tile, porcelain & ceramic tile,  sticky-back tile