Previous Blast Test

We put our work on the line.

There are some things you just don’t leave to chance - lives are one of them. Despite being created, engineered and built by some of the top experts in the field, we wouldn't think of letting even one person set foot in one of our blast-resistant buildings without testing our design first.

We don’t have to. We’re one of the only blast-resistant building manufacturers to openly blast test and share our results. We do it because our number one priority is to save lives.

Test specifications

  • 1250+ high-explosive ammonium nitrate/fuel oil charge
  • 10 psi (25 msec in duration)
  • Standoff distance of 110 ft.
  • Building was constructed to our standard specifications with roof and wall panels strengthened with tube steel stiffeners
  • Interior equipped with a desk, computer and dummy to simulate a real work environment
The building survived with no structural damage and shifted less than two inches.