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Joint Ventures at RedGuard

To create a worldwide network of products and services serving the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore, RedGuard has partnered with Specialist Services Group from the UAE. The companies have formed two joint venture companies that combine the best assets and talents of each organization:

North and South America

Specialist Services RedGuard
Based in the United States, in Houston, Texas, and New Iberia, LA
Dedicated to providing modular buildings to the offshore and drilling segments of the oil and gas industry in the Western Hemisphere, with particular focus on the US Gulf Coast. The company specializes in modular buildings, technical buildings and accommodation modules, as well as service, maintenance, and parts.

Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia

RedGuard Specialist Services
Based in United Arab Emirates, in Dubai
Dedicated to providing proven, successfully tested blast-resistant and ballistic-resistant modules in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia markets. The company serves the downstream segments and the defense industry with its specialty in safety and enduring knowledge of blast-resistance.